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Unsure of what services are best for your business, office, strata or apartment complex? We're happy to come out and assess. We offer free, no-obligation quotes, anytime. Just give us a shout.

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We are local. We Care.

We started this company by providing our customers with the highest standard of clean, dependable and friendly service available. Years later, we're still doing just that. We proudly service small businesses in our communities.

We offer competitive pricing

Our customers are our neighbours. And we believe in being neighbourly. Not only do we offer clean, dependable and friendly service, but we also do it at the lowest price. Go ahead and check us against the big guys; we beat 'em every time.

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We offer waste and recycling services, confidential document destruction, lawn and garden material pickup and organics composting. Whatever kind of small business you are - office, strata, apartment complex - we have the services to help.


Pickup for your business, office, strata or apartment complex


Are your cans in good hands? Choose a weekly, biweekly or monthly pickup service. Need to make changes? We offer total flexibility. Your services and pickup frequency can be changed, upgraded or interrupted at any time, with no penalty.

Confidential Document Destruction

Where does your personal information end up? With us, it's always safe and sound. We offer confidential document destruction. We drop off the confidential box for you to fill and when you're ready, we come back and pick it up. Easy. And we're bonded and insured too.

Lawn + Garden

We pick up lawn and garden compost materials, just give us a call for details. Please refer to the CRD's Yard & Garden Material Composting site for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials

Kitchen Scraps

Did you know that as of January 1, 2015, kitchen scraps were banned from your garbage? We can help by taking away your organic materials. We've got wheeled totes that start at only $2.12 per month and we're compliant with the CRD Kitchen Scraps Program.