"CCR is a local tradition. We've been serving our communities for decades now. Our customers are like family. And our team - Many of them have with us for years. That's a real testamant to how we do business."

Rick & Ron

Partners in CCR

Rick, how did CCR come about? 
In 2009 The local waste company that I have been working for over the past 15 years, had recently sold and I decided to buy a small garbage truck and start looking for residential and commercial customers. Now, almost 9 years later, we have three full-time split trucks which we need to comply with the CRD “kitchen scraps” recycling program.

Why did you take on a partner?
 With the new CRD kitchen scraps program beginning in 2015, I knew that I was going to need help. I knew that Ron Schwab was available and looking to get back into the business so I contacted him and we soon joined forces. Ron brings over 35 years of experience to the table and having worked for him for 15 years. I knew that we worked well together.

How does your service differ from that of other waste disposal companies?
Our policy is to place the lid back on the containers once empty and lock them down, which prevents the lids from blowing away in a storm. For those customers that occasionally forget to put out their garbage, we try honking the truck horn or phoning to see if anyone is at home. If there is no response the driver will look for the garbage and bring it to the curb, and if that fails, we will try the next possible day or whenever it is convenient for the customer. Our drivers clean up any mess from an overturned garbage can or bag that was torn apart by an animal. My personal and business mission is to have a company that provides great service at a fair rate and be a place where our coworkers can take pride in the work that we do, while having fun doing it!

Now collecting kitchen scraps with household 
waste in our new compartment truck. 
Programs starting as low as $5.50 a month. 

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Are your cans in good hands? Choose a weekly, biweekly or monthly pickup service. Need to make changes? We offer total flexibility. Your services and pickup frequency can be changed, upgraded or interrupted at any time, with no penalty.


Where does your personal information end up? With us, it's always safe and sound. We offer confidential document destruction. We drop off the confidential box for you to fill and when you're ready, we come back and pick it up. Easy. And we're bonded and insured too.


We pick up lawn and garden compost materials, just give us a call for details. Please refer to the CRD's Yard & Garden Material Composting site for a list of acceptable and non-acceptable materials.


Did you know that as of January 1, 2015, kitchen scraps were banned from your garbage? We can help by taking away your organic materials. We've got wheeled totes that start at only $2.12 per month and we're compliant with the CRD Kitchen Scraps Program.